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Parallel Exhibition of 55th Venice Biennial

2014-03-03 16:21:00



“Mind & Beating” Beijing, the Parallel Exhibition of 55th Venice Biennial will be held it the Contemporary Art Museum at the China Millennium Monument from March 3 - 29. The exhibition, a high-quality collective show of contemporary art from China on the world stage, is co-hosted by the World Art Centre of China Millennium Monument and the International Artists Federation of the United Nations.

The “Mind & Beating” exhibition in Beijing is co-planned by Zhang Wei, an independent curator, Yu Gao and Ma Chenfeng, executive directors at the Contemporary Art Museum of the China Millennium Monument. The participants are all the famous artists, such as Chen Danqing, Chai Yuqiu, Yu Jianrong and Zhang Xinjun.

“Mind & Beating” attempts to explore the artists work as they look inside their own deep hearts and show the reality of China through their work. Meanwhile, another important idea behind the exhibition is the synchronic presentations. The art form of this exhibition involves movies, painting, rock and other froms, and the works have an inner intrinsic association with each other and feature a rigorous structure.