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Artists re-interpret 'Decameron' for modern times

Updated: 2020-10-21 09:37:13

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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A work by Ding Shiwei on show. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The Decameron, a seminal work by the 14th-century Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio, continues to attract modern readers with its range of views on life.

Decameron, an ongoing exhibition organized by Ivy Art and OCT Tianjin, brings together 10 artists and art groups whose works are inspired by the centuries-old pamphlet, written in the years of bubonic plague, adapting its themes to a contemporary context. 

The exhibition is being held at the Pioneer Art Center in Tianjin through Nov 5.

In their work, featured artists narrate a modern fable to discuss the rediscovery of self-identity and re-construction of self esteem at a time when humanity faces another pandemic.

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