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Malaysians gain Chinese cultural enrichment with touch of nature

Updated: 2020-09-27 10:43:47

( Xinhua )

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The China-Malaysia Culture and Tourism Month-Fun with Nature campaign kicked off on Saturday at Malaysia's National Zoo, drawing over 1,000 visitors on its first day.

Running for three weeks, a series of activities will be organized every weekend including cultural performances, cultural exhibition of traditional Chinese arts and crafts as well as other activities.

With multiple booths set up outside the Giant Panda Conservation Center, curious members of the public dropped by to see the displays up close, including bottle painting and paper cutting demonstrations.

Among them, Ahmad Faisal Abdullah, who had come to see Yi Yi, the second giant panda born in Malaysia, with his children said the booths provided an interesting look at Chinese traditional craft.

"It is a good location. My kids and I are having a look before seeing Yi Yi, and this traditional cultural display is an added bonus," he said.

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