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Choral festival to take the online stage

Updated: 2020-09-25 17:19:03

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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With more than 450 choirs enrolled to participate from home and abroad, the 15th China International Chorus Festival will take the stage online and hold a live broadcast opening ceremony at 19:30 pm on Oct 5.

As an important cultural activity during China’s “Golden Week”, choral lovers from all around the world can enjoy the opening of the festival through different channels online.

Jin Chengzhi, artistic director and conductor of Shanghai Rainbow Indoor Chorus, and Eva May from CGTN will act as bilingual hosts for the opening ceremony. In addition, the festival will also introduce to the audience an adorable virtual host for the first time, who will interact with a global audience online.

30 top domestic and international choirs and will present a program not to be missed through four chapters: “Oriental Flame”, “Boundless Love”, “Fruits and Hope” and “World as One”.

Rainbow Beat was chosen as the opening number to send a message the festival is diverse, inclusive and aims to popularize choral art. Another highlight of the opening ceremony is domestic and international choirs expressing their love for traditional Chinese culture in various ways, as classical Chinese folk songs and soundtracks from wuxia films will be performed at the event.

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