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Seeking 'A Stitch in Time' at post-COVID art show

Updated: 2020-05-18 17:00:09

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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A visitor views Palestinian artist Bashir Makhoul's installation, Fragile Line at The 4th Today's Documents – A Stitch in Time, at the Today Art Museum in Beijing on May 16, 2020. [Photo by Yang Xiaoyu/chinadaily.com.cn]

The 2019 triennial, co-curated by Chinese art critic Huang Du and British art historian Jonathan Harris, is themed A Stitch in Time, a saying meaning "it is better to deal with problems early than to wait until they get worse".

Artwork by 37 artists and art groups from 16 countries were brought together to expose the complex social, political, economical and cultural changes fracturing the world and threatening the future of mankind. The show aims to inspire visitors to join hands to "stitch up the fissures" in the world, according to the curators.

The exhibition runs through June 25.

If you go:

10:00-18:00, Tuesday to Sunday. Building 4, Pingod Community, No 32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing. 010-58760600北京市朝阳区百子湾路32号苹果社区4号楼今日美术馆

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