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Professor promotes Henan Yu Opera via live streaming

Updated: 2020-03-05 08:59:50

( Xinhua )

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Li Jinling (L) communicates with a staff member before live streaming at the cultural center in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China's Henan province, March 3, 2020. Li Jinling is a professor working at the music and dance school of the Zhengzhou Institute of Technology. She is also a disciple of Henan Yu Opera, learning from the noted actress Chang Xiangyu's second daughter Chen Xiaoxiang since 14. For years she has been dedicated to the heritage and development of the art form, performing and teaching Henan Yu Opera for free as a volunteer. After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in China, Henan cultural center launched a live streaming platform on line to promote culture and arts. Li Jinling began to perform and teach Henan Yu Opera as a volunteer again, but this time on line. She believes that this is a nice way to promote the cultural heritage to the audience during the special period.[Photo/Xinhua]

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