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15th Cross-Straits (Sanming) Forest Expo kicks off

Updated: 2019-11-07 16:53:11

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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The 15th Cross-Straits (Sanming) Forest Expo kicked off on Wednesday in Sanming city, Fujian province, aiming to promote the forest-based industries.

The expo mainly highlights the forest food exhibition and trade, and also displays the achievements of forestry reform and development, according to the organizing committee.

Moreover, it carries out the project for promotion and negotiation to promote the cross-Straits forestry industry exchanges, and facilitate the high-quality development of forestry in Sanming city.

The expo showcases the performance of the traditional processing method of grinding tea in Jiangle county, or Jiangle Leicha, with a history of nearly 1,500 years.

The traditional tea performance uses pure water, along with the raw ingredients such as tea, sesame, peanuts, and other herbs. There are many recipes of grinding tea for various functions, including maintain beauty, help detoxicating, benefit for digestion, and serve as invigoration.

Wu Yunru in Beijing contributed to the story.

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