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A festival goes global

Updated: 2019-02-12 08:16:33

( China Daily )

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Actors perform a lion dance at the parliament building in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate Lunar New Year's Eve on Feb 4. [PHOTO/XINHUA]

Chinese communities around the world welcome the Year of the Pig with gusto

Chinese communities around the world welcomed the Year of the Pig on Feb 5, ushering in Lunar New Year with prayers, family feasts and shopping sprees.

Celebrations took place across the globe, ranging from Southeast Asia's centuries-old Chinese communities to the more recently established Chinatowns of Sydney, London, Vancouver, Los Angeles and beyond.

The most important holiday of the Chinese calendar marks a fortnight of festivities as reunited families wrap dumplings together and exchange gifts and red envelopes stuffed with money.

Pigs symbolize good fortune and wealth in Chinese culture and this year's holiday has brought a proliferation of porcine merchandise, greetings and decorations.

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