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Spring Festival greetings from the ambassador of Uruguay: The year of pig could bring joy to people

Updated: 2019-01-31 10:43:52

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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With the 2019 Spring Festival around the corner, China Daily sat down with ambassadors and diplomats to talk about their understanding of Spring Festival, outlook on bilateral relations, and their New Year greetings to the Chinese people.

According to Uruguayan ambassador to China Fernando Lugris, Spring Festival is a time of family reunions and great joy. He notes nowadays the festival is celebrated not only in China, but across the world.

“I have to say it is also celebrated in Uruguay. It is a colorful festival and it’s also an invitation for my family to get together,” Lugris said.

The ambassador is familiar with the Chinese zodiac, and mentioned that this coming lunar new year is the Year of the Pig, and he hopes it will bring joy to people.

Last year many important cultural events were held, with major exhibitions of Uruguayan art in museums in different cities across China, and Chinese exhibitions in Uruguay.

As for his personal preferences, Chinese food is the ambassador’s favorite element of Chinese culture, and he also is impressed with Chinese modern art.

Lugris said that the art world is going through a revolution thanks to new ideas from young artists, who are creating a new image of China that reflects the long history of the country and leads China into the future.

Producer: Han Lei

Production: Feng Minghui

Reporter: Hu Zhe

Camera: Yu Xiaou & Fu Rui

Lighting: Zhou Bing

Editing: Yu Xiaoou & Fu Rui

Coordinator: Hu Zhe & Zhang Xingjian

Subtitles: Hu Zhe & Liu Fang & Li Wenrui

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