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Singer Buren Bayaer of 'Jixiang Sanbao' passes at 58

Updated: 2018-09-21 10:29:00

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Singer Buren Bayaer, who rose to fame for his song Lucky Treasures, died on Sept 19 of cardiac infarction. He was 58.

Buren Bayaer, who was of ethnic Chinese Mongol descent, developed his musical talent from a young age.

The song Lucky Treasures, originally written in 1994 and sung in Mongolian, became very popular nationwide after a Mandarin version, Jixiang Sanbao ("Auspicious Three") was released in 2005.

Buren wrote the song for his daughter, depicting the life of a family living in harmony with nature in Inner Mongolia and parents' love and affection towards their young daughter.

The song was also performed by Buren alongside his wife Wurina and his niece at the Spring Festival Gala, the most-watched live broadcast during Spring Festival in Chinese-speaking countries and regions.

The passing of Buren was observed by many fans and fellow musicians.

Composer Keerqinfu, who worked with Buren on the song My Life My Grassland, remembered his time spent with a good friend on his Weibo account. "The forms of life are either passing or changing. With a soul as beautiful as a song, his passion will always be sun on the grasslands."

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