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Eat for autumn: Night blooming cereus soup

Updated: 2018-09-13 15:49:01

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Grace Choy, a Hong Kong-based cook, teaches you how to make a nice soup for autumn.

Preparations and Steps:

1. Soak blooming night cereus into cold water for 15~20 mins, rinse 2 times and drain it;

2. Soak conch into cold water to defrost it, use clean cloth or brush to scrape away the black dirt, small knife to cut the belly and scrape away the intestine, rinse it;

3. Soak longan into cold water for 10 mins;

4. Cut conch into thick pcs, soak into hot water for 6 mins and rinse it;

5. Wash lean pork, cut into pcs, soak in hot water for 10 mins, throw away the bloody, rinse it again;

6. Add cold water into the pot, put in all ingredients, use hight heat to boil for 50 mins, turn to medium heat to boil for another 90 mins;

7. Add salt and enjoy!

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