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Chinese folk painter gives murals new life on paper

Updated: 2018-07-27 17:00:49

( Xinhua )

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Yao Shulong draws a traditional Chinese New Year painting using mural techniques in his studio on July 24, 2018. [Photo/Xinhua]

Folk painter Yao Shulong was taken by his father to Pilu Temple in North China's Hebei province at age 6, and ever since then he has built a special connection with murals in the temple.

In 2006, he began to make replicas of the murals on paper. After 10 years of practicing line drawing, coloring and powdering, he has managed to make life-size replicas of the murals spanning more than 200 square meters on paper.

Through exhibitions and lecture tours in colleges over the past two years, Yao has promoted traditional murals to wider public audiences.

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