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The watchman of earthenware in Kashgar

Updated: 2018-04-06 12:09:40

( China Daily )

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Nearly every family in the old town of Kashgar in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region owns pieces of local earthenware, whether they be dishes, cups, bottles or bowls, and those made by Tursun Zunun are the best-known.

As the sixth generation of earthenware makers in the old town of Kashgar, Tursun grew up making pottery with his father and grandfather. His home is seated in the old town's southeastern highland, facing the Tuman River that runs through Kashgar. It has become the choice location for tourists who want to learn about earthenware. The ideal location of his home has made it a gathering place for craftsman who can use the clay that lies conveniently in the nearby river.

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