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Chongqing develops 'Tuhuo' paper as tourism project

Updated: 2016-12-09 10:15:13

( Xinhua )

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Li Gaoqiang drags dipped bamboo out of lime pool in Xinglong town, Southwest China's Chongqing, Dec 7, 2016. Li's family, living in Xinglong town of Chongqing, has passed down the traditional handcraft of making "Tuhuo" paper through five generations. "Tuhuo" paper, made of bamboo growing in local areas, requires high standard of techniques through all the processing stages. However, with high labor intensity, poor sales and low returns, the craft is inherited by few young people, which has driven the government to develop it as a tourism project in an aim to boost the traditional handwork. [Photo/Xinhua]

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