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Ten future trends of the media

Updated: 2016-11-15 09:38:13

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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The media sector is undergoing a transformation driven by new technology.

Piero Scaruffi, known for co-authoring A History of Silicon Valley: The Largest Creation of Wealth in the History of the Planet, shared his view of future media trends at a recent forum hosted by Sina News in Beijing.

These are ten trends Scaruffi highlights in his 2017 The Future of Media Report.

Trend 1: User experience technology

In the future, news won't be just "read", but "experienced".

Trend 2: Big data

The news media accumulates data about everything that is happening in the world.

Trend 3: A new kind of content

Content will be brief, viral, amateur, and multi-sourced.

Trend 4: Streaming

Buzzfeed, Facebook and Google have all started to compete in online videos.

Trend 5: The app

Now, 60 percent of app users become inactive within 30 days of downloading an app.

Trend 6: VR/AR

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) allows makers to create immersive and fun content.

Trend 7: Makers culture

It is important to rethink media production as a makers culture.

Trend 8: Monetization

Advertising will be different as technologies such as AR are incorporated.

Trend 9: New platforms

The platforms of the media have evolved from just newspaper, radio and television, to omni-platforms as a result of the internet, presenting challenges for the industry.

Trend 10: AI and robotics

Robots scour data. They know what is trending, what makes money and can package the data for maximum profit.


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