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Shenhou town: Capital of China's Jun porcelain

Updated: 2016-11-02 15:53:53

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Clay bodies are showcased at a porcelain workshop in Shenhou town, Yuzhou city in Central China's Henan province, Nov 1, 2016. [Photo/Xinhua]

Nestled between mountains in Central China's Henan province, Shenhou town is renowned for its Jun porcelains, one of the top five Chinese porcelains, dating back to the Song Dynasty (960–1279).

With a ceramic history of more than a thousand years, Shenhou is widely known as the "capital of Jun porcelain", and is recently listed as one of the top 127 towns with Chinese characteristics by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

The Jun porcelain is famed for its change of colors when heated in kilns. When the kiln process is finished, colorful glaze will be formed, and their patterns seldom repeat. The rare ceramic ware is now under government protection as a state-level intangible cultural heritage.

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