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Dream project

Updated: 2016-07-21 08:13:09

( China Daily )

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Directors Liang Xuan (left) and Zhang Chun.

The story then focuses on a young girl from the wonderland and her love for a boy from the human world.

China isn't short of such productions-commercially successful but criticized for content-so why the fuss over Big Fish & Begonia?

"China has seen few domestic animation titles that accurately showcase oriental culture and history," says Zuo Heng, an associate researcher with the China Film Art Research Center.

"And, despite Big Fish & Begonia bearing influences of Hayao Miyazaki (Japanese animation master), it has done a good job in maintaining its Chinese roots."

The roles inspired by ancient Chinese classic Zhuangzi and the mythology collection The Classic of Mountains and Seas are key highlights of the film, says Zhu Yuqing, founder of the Beijing-based film company Online Film Market and a veteran industry watcher.

"But it has shortcomings. Some of the dialogues are too modern for an ancient Chinese setting," he says. "The crew comprises mostly young people."

The long wait may explain more about the disappointment of many fans, who've waited for the film for more than a decade.

Liang Xuan, one of the directors, earlier told China Daily that the tale came from two dreams in 2003, when he was still studying hydraulic engineering in Tsinghua.

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