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Chills and thrills

Updated: 2016-04-07 08:07:41

( China Daily )

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Actor Tong Dawei (left) and Hong Kong screen veteran Tony Leung Ka Fai, who play the main roles of the upcoming movie Lost in White, at a promotional event in Beijing. [Photos/China Daily]

Fans of flicks filmed in frozen places, like The Revenant, may find Lost in White merits a hot spot on the silver screen. Shot in temperatures lower than -40 C in Northeast China, the movie also offers car chases, explosions and lots of gore.

While Leonardo DiCaprio recently won an Oscar for his performance in The Revenant's frozen wilderness, Chinese actor Tong Dawei joked at a film-promotion event last week that "an actor has to suffer in an icy environment to get the top award".

Well, in the upcoming Chinese thriller Lost in White, which will premiere on April 15, he plays a role that is anything but comfortable.

"I thought I was fully prepared (for the role), but I was wrong," says Tong.

Most of the shooting was done in temperatures below -40 C in Northeast China.

Even the promotion event was held on a skating rink, probably to re-create the film's cold atmosphere.

For Tong, 37, the son of two police officers in real life-otherwise known for his image as an idol bringing sunshine-the movie also gave him a chance to realize his dream of playing such a role on screen.

While the detailed storyline of the film was not revealed, the movie is expected to have a dramatic ending.

Hong Kong silver-screen veteran Tony Leung Ka Fai also plays a key role in the film.

In one scene he is rescued from a frozen lake.

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