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China's singing contest casts out insulting judge

Updated: 2016-04-06 14:19:25

( China.org.cn )

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Mindy Quah [Photo/Xinhua]

The Chinese singing contest "Super Girl 2016" terminated singer Mindy Quah as one of the judges on April 1 as she insulted a contestant in a mass audition in March.

Malaysian-Chinese singer Quah got involved in this controversy as an outtake of the show was uploaded to the Internet recently. In the clip, it shows an audition on March 20 recorded in Nanjing. A girl contestant said she might catch a cold before actually singing, implying that she may not have her best performance. Sharp-tongue Quah responded, "Then don't sing, get the f*** off the stage."

Later she added, "Don't make excuses when you step on the stage."

As the clip went viral, Hunan Satellite TV, the organizer of the famous singing contest, released a unilateral statement without consulting Quah on April 1, apologizing to the insulted contestant and terminating the status of Quah as the judge. Quah also apologized in a video statement on her micro-blog account later that night.

However, on April 4, the story took another turn when Quah fought back, saying that Hunan Satellite TV intentionally leaked the video clip to frame her due to her noncooperation to let another unqualified contestant pass the judges' strict examination. She asserted that the contestant had help from the high-level officials and was decided in the TV networks' internal circle to get the pass.

Quah's manager Song Tao said the singer apologized to the contestant on the very day the incident happened and he had made sure that the TV network would not release the video.

"In another audition, Hunan Satellite TV sent a show supervisor to force Quah to say a good constant was 'bad' in order to let another constant get promoted, but Quah refused to follow the instruction," Song said. "Days later, the 'f*** off' clip was uploaded. This is a vicious retaliation and a conspired hype."

The leaked video was clearly not an amateur recording but an outtake from the official edit room. Hunan Satellite TV has admitted that it indeed came from them but was "mistakenly" uploaded by staffs. The company didn't respond to Quah's accusations.

In another online interview conducted on April 3, Quah also said it was the show director who asked her to be strict and swear.

Quah said she admitted that she made mistakes and would correct herself in the future. She said during the recent controversy that she even received death threats, however maintaining that "I don't like encouraging singers who can't sing but can find excuses. I'm straightforward and sometimes it's hurtful but I have never acted against real singers who appear on the show. I don't expect my partners to cause this kind of negative press for the hype and their own interests. "

Her manager said they would consider legal options to find those who are responsible.

"Super Girl", one of the most popular entertainment shows in China, has produced a series of young superstars for China's new generation, such as Li Yuchun, Jane Zhang, Zhou Bichang, Shang Wenjie and more.

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