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Traditional medicines popular among Bruneians despite free healthcare

Updated: 2016-03-28 10:48:41

( Xinhua )

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There is a high prevalence of traditional medicines used in Brunei despite the free healthcare system provided in the sultanate, local media quoted a scientific study as saying Saturday.

According to Dr. Dk Nurolaini, deputy dean of Universiti Brunei Darussalam, over 62 percent of the Bruneians perceive traditional medicines to be a safe form of medication in her study.

She conducted the questionnaire based study to find out Bruneian's perception, attitude, knowledge and practices on the use of traditional medicines.

The study saw a total of 2,400 randomly administered patients attending health centers and hospitals across the country, aged between 16 to 85 years. Out of the total respondents, over 62 percent of the participants perceived traditional medicines to be a safe form of medication as it is made up of natural sources and had been used for generations.

More than 400 participants agreed that traditional medicines can be easily found at specialized shops and supermarkets in the sultanate. Meanwhile, 59 percent or 1,396 Bruneians were found to have used some form of traditional medicines throughout their life, with a majority of their users from the older age group (56 years and above).

According to the World Health Organisation, traditional medicine is the diverse health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating plant, animal or mineral based medicines, spiritual therapies, manual techniques to maintain well-being, as well as to treat, diagnose or prevent illness.


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