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Bicycle's seasonal cycles

Updated: 2016-03-21 08:47:30

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Members of the Beijing-based Qibiantianxia (Cycling All Over the World) Club participate in different cycling events in Beijing. Membership has grown from a few to about 4,000 since 2013.[Photo/China Daily]

Warming weather means the capital's cyclists are gearing up for excursions, putting mettle to their pedals, especially as the city and suburbs are poised to burst into bloom.

Duan Zhongdong believes traveling by two wheels is better than by four.

The 47-year-old has made two or three weekly trips to Beijing's downtown and suburbs since he dusted off his bicycle a month ago.

"Winter cold kept us in," he says.

"But the weather now is perfect for pedaling among greening plants and budding flowers."

Duan usually cycles about eight hours from his home on the East Third Ring Road to outskirts' slopes-and back.

(His family owns seven mountain bikes.)

His recent outing took him to Mentougou district's Tanzhe Temple and Miaofeng Mountain.

Pleasure cycling has grown over the past three years, says Beijing-based Qibiantianxia (Cycling All Over the World) Club's founder, Qian Yuzhu.

Membership has grown from a few to about 4,000 since 2013.

Qian starts to organize free events when spring arrives.

"Many members have cabin fever from being cooped up all winter. They're itching to get outside," he says.

Weather makes springtime and autumn the best biking seasons, he says.

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