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Uruguay enjoys Chinese New Year

Updated: 2016-02-24 14:00:22

( Chinaculture.org )

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Chinese Ambassador to Uruguay Dong Xiaojun attend the launch of the Monkey Year stamp at the event to celebrate Chinese New Year in Montevideo, Uruguay, Feb 7, 2016. [Photo/uy.china-embassy.org]

An event to celebrate Chinese New Year was held in Montevideo in Uruguay on Feb 7. Chinese Ambassador to Uruguay Dong Xiaojun, representatives from Montevideo government, and some 2,000 local citizens and Chinese students were present.

Dong extended his best New Year's wishes to all the people in the country. He also expressed China's willingness to promote cooperation between the two nations through cultural events. A launch of stamps for the Year of the Monkey issued by the National Post Office of Uruguay was also held at the event.

Performers staged lion dances, martial arts, Chinese shadow boxing and Chinese folk music and dances. Chinese delicacies were also displayed on a special car for the participants to experience. The event also presented Chinese film Hero for the visitors and lasted until midnight of Feb 7.

A "Happy Chinese New Year" parade was also held in Piriapolis in Uruguay on Feb 14. About 2,000 local people and tourists attended the event.

Performers from Shaolinchuan, a Shaolin boxing association in Uruguay staged Chinese lion dances and dragon dances. The performance attracted a lot of attention.

Many local people said "Happy Chinese New Year" is one of the best cultural events in the country and they wish to see it in the following years.

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