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Cultural celebrities call for strengthened ties within Asia

Updated: 2015-11-11 10:02:06

( Chinaculture.org )

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Nobel literature prizewinner Mo Yan gives a keynote speech. [Photo by He Keyao/Chinaculture.org]

Mo's comment echoed the former Thai deputy prime minister's point. "'One Belt One Road' covers multi-borders and has thousands of years of history. It is both a trade route and a cultural path. Economic development cannot last for long without cultural power," Jarusombat said. "The only link that touches hearts between countries is culture."

Jarusombat also called for a tightened cultural tie with China and indicated that Thailand would hasten the process to establish its cultural center in Beijing.

Tea culture is widely shared in Asian countries and tea art master Sen analyzed Japanese tea heritage with Chinese origins and its impact on life, calling for a more devoted life attitude.

"Tea custom reflects the nature of Japanese culture. Tea art is not a philosophy or aesthetic theory. It is to make people feel the beauty of great nature and life itself," said Sen, calling for a simplified lifestyle.

Chinese writer and scholar Yu emphasized features of Asian arts and the duty that Asia has to display its culture and to make its voice heard in the world.

"Asian cultures are historical and diverse, yet they are not well represented and represented in the global stage", Yu said. "Asian voices are less heard in the contemporary world."

He pointed out that the ancient Asian civilization is often misunderstood and misrepresented by the West. Its long history and great diversity deserves greater respect. The cultural cooperation and flow across Asia area is in great demand at present. The ancient Silk Road set a good example to build a common cultural system and modern people have the responsibility to make Asia receive global recognition.

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