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Tokyo museum displays 10,000 cultural relics looted from China

Updated: 2015-08-27 15:31:19


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The bronze tripod looted from China by invading Japanese forces is displayed in the Tokyo National Museum. [Photo/gzdaily.com]

The Tokyo National Museum in Japan is exhibiting some 10-thousand traditional Chinese cultural relics looted from China by invading Japanese forces during WWII.

An American historian says that some 6,000 tons of gold were taken away by Japanese forces during their aggressive invasion of northeast China.

Another 10,000 tons of gold were plundered from other Southeast Asian countries that were invaded by Japan during WWII.

Records show that some Japanese looters were extremely hysterical and that they even snatched gold chains on corpses buried in cemeteries.

Some items currently on display at the Tokyo national museum include a lion sculpture and the big iron pot, dating as far back as the 5th century BC. All these items that were looted from China almost 70 years ago have been with Japanese museums for several decades.

Some of these relics are labeled as important cultural items and tourists are not allowed to take pictures while viewing these relics.

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