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Chorus of the PLA gears up for Sep 3 parade

Updated: 2015-08-27 10:23:36

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Members of the chorus train under the blazing sun. [Photo/www.81.cn]

Strenuous training

On Sept 3, members of the chorus and the band will be performing in the middle of Tian'anmen Square, underneath the Chinese flag, and with the world watching them.

This leaves no room for errors.

"Many of our chorus members are first-time participants, so strict training is deemed obligatory," Liu Cheng, political commissar of the chorus said. "This not just putting the artistic talents of our performers to test, it is also a challenge for their physical and mental abilities."

The soldiers were grouped based on their musical abilities to receive more tailored and targeted training. Pitch, rhythm, pronunciation, breathing, posture, facial expression, stamina and overall condition are all meticulously checked at every training sesion. 22 experts in music were also invited to give lectures, and two demonstrative concerts delivered to strengthen the soldiers' understanding of music.

The performers are to perform 30 musical compositions and several songs for three hours on their feet, some of them carrying instruments weighing from 10 to 15kg. For some of the older and female soldiers, this can be very challenging.

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