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Happy Chinese New Year in the US Ⅱ

Updated: 2015-06-17 08:28:14

( Chinaculture.org )

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Since 2009, a number of celebrations have been held overseas under the theme, Happy Chinese New Year, engaging both overseas Chinese and citizens from all over the world. The Ministry of Culture has launched its sixth Happy Chinese New Year in 2015 event, with more than 800 programs being staged in over 320 cities in 118 regions and countries, such as the United States.
Activities included theatrical performances, plaza parades, temple fairs, folk art shows, cultural exhibitions, variety shows, folk art display, quiz, book fairs, tourism publicity, fashion shows, animation competition, and also New Year concert and television gala.
Happy Chinese New Year is a worldwide celebration hosted by the Ministry of Culture of the PRC and other Chinese authorities. It seeks to provide a global platform that is joyful, harmonious and accessible to all, to encourage people across the world to celebrate the Chinese New Year, experience the profound yet interesting Chinese culture and understand the huge achievements China has made, as there emerges a worldwide boom to visit and know China.

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