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Two sticks that work magic

Updated: 2015-01-15 09:48:35

( Chinaculture.org )

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Some say that sitting at a table with a Chinese feast and not knowing how to use chopsticks is like finding oneself on a battlefield and being a poor shot. This is no exaggeration, especially for Chinese food maniacs.

Yet, what's more agonizing for you might be the unfamiliarity of how to use them properly in the presence of native Chinese. So let's check how you can master the art of using the two sticks.

You might want to be aware that manners start the very moment your fingers land on chopsticks. Imagine, for example, you are served a table full of dishes and are not sure what to eat. It's better that you just try the dish next to you than play with your chopsticks and hesitate, since this is considered impolite.

And once you are using chopsticks, remember not to dip them in the dishes and fish around, as this might be a behavior that turns people off.

You might have heard that Chinese people like to chat over meals, and quite a lot of business deals are done over the dining table. So if you happen to find yourself in such a situation, especially on formal occasions, be sure you don't point at others with your chopsticks, as that equals pointing a finger at others.

During your meal, try not to stick the chopsticks upright in the dish or bowl of rice, as doing so is akin to setting up joss sticks for the dead, which can be quite offensive.

Finally when you put your chopsticks down after you finish your meal, be sure to lay them down side by side.

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