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Hong Kong Museum of Tea Ware

Updated: 2015-01-01 12:56:41

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The Hong Kong Museum of Tea Ware is a specialized museum. Located in the north side of Hong Kong Park and sponsored by the Hong Kong City Administrative Bureau, the museum was opened to the public in July 1984. The museum is a two-storeyed building with 6 exhibition rooms, and is divided into two parts: the exhibition of Chinese tea and the exhibition of Yingxing purple clay teapots.

The exhibition of Chinese tea systematically introduces the history of Chinese tea planting, tea making and tea drinking by displaying rich document materials. In addition to illustrating various tea drinking methods with graphs, photos and models, slides of Kung-Fu tea are also projected to visitors.

The exhibition of Yingxing purple clay teapots displays 123 purple clay potteries and teapots and teacups made of different materials from various places through different periods.

The most eye-catching display in the museum is about Yixing purple clay ware. The exhibits include various kinds of purple clay teapots, articles for amusement and sculptures, etc., from the Yixing area of Jiangsu Province from the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) to today. Yixing teapots have the unique ability to absorb the tea flavor with continued usage. The fired clay contains tiny air pockets, which provides insulation for enhanced taste and aroma of fine teas.

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