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Beihai Museum of Fisheries

Updated: 2015-01-01 12:56:41

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The Beihai Museum of Fisheries, completed and opened to the public at the end of 1978, is located at the Seashore Park of Beihai City in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

On display in the museum are 754 varieties of specimens and over 3,000 exhibits. The exhibits are mainly ocean animals and plants in the South China Sea and are arranged and displayed with the evolution of the plants and animals as the clue. The Sea Plant Room shows the horsetail algae,Gracilaria confervoides, and the volvox. The invertebrate specimens include various kinds of corals, seashells,lobster, cuttlefish, horseshoe crab, sea anemone, jellyfish, sea cucumber, squid, abalone, etc. It also shows the newly recorded varieties in China, such as the round tail horseshoe crab. On display in the Notochordal Animal Room are more than 400 varieties of sea fishes that can be found in the Beibuwan Gulf (in the north part of the South China Sea between China and Vietnam), including the coral reef fishes, five kinds of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and specimens of various kinds of sea snakes.    

On display in the Sea Animal Room are the 2-meter long dugong, 11-meter long whale skeleton and black finless porpoise, Chinese white dolphin,as well as the rare sea animals of new record varieties in China, such as the lead-colored dolphin. In the green turtle pond are kept the four different varieties of green turtles captured from the deep sea of the Beibuwan Gulf, the largest of which is as heavy as 150 kilograms. In the aquarium a great variety of live aquatic animals can be seen, including many coral reef fishes with different colors and shapes.

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