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Qingdao Marine Products Museum

Updated: 2015-01-01 12:56:41

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The Qingdao Marine Products Museum is a specialized museum of the maritime fishery in China.

Built in 1930 after merging the Shandong Fishery Hall and Qingdao People's Museum, the museum lies inside the Luxun Park of Qingdao City, Shandong Province.

The museum has 1,950 breeds of specimens, totaling 20,000 items. Among the specimens, 1,100 breeds totaling 15,000 pieces are of invertebrates, 700 breeds totaling 3,000 pieces of vertebrates, and 150 breeds totaling 2,000 pieces of algae.

The museum features two halls: the exhibition hall and the aquarium hall. The exhibition hall displays more than 800 specimens of various sea creatures including protozoan, poriferan, coelenterate, mollusk, fishes, chelonians, sea snakes and whales, and 100 specimens of sea plants including green alga, red alga, brown alga and some spermatophyte. Among the specimens, the North Sea lion and North Sea dog, first discovered along the Chinese coast, are the most precious. Besides, a sperm whale, 14 meters in length and 22 tons in weight, is the first and biggest toothed whale ever caught in China.

The aquarium displays various living aquatic animals, including jellyfish, ormer, sea cucumber, prawn and black porgy. The most favorable animals are three penguins and sea dogs presented by China Polar Inspection Team. Visitors may see more than 60 glass tanks filled with a vanity of tropical fish.

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