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Guo State Museum

Updated: 2015-01-01 12:56:41

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The huge Guo State Museum is a modern, multifunctional scenic spot dedicated to helping tourist learn more about this area in the Henan Province.

The museum is divided into the four areas: history and culture, relics, the army, and King Guoji's tomb site.

The museum covers two periods of China, the Western Zhou Dynasty (1066 BC - 771 BC) and the Spring and Autumn Periods (770 BC - 221 BC).

The unique buildings, exquisite national treasures, mighty underground army formations and the gorgeous palace make Guo State a distinctive cultural spot in Henan Province.


Guo State history and culture

"The Guo State period" exhibition hall presents an overview of Guo State through words, pictures, dioramas and other displays.

The Guo State was a vassal State of the early Western Zhou Dynasty. The first king of the Guo State was the younger brother of Emperor Zhou Wenwang and the uncle of Emperor Zhou Wuwang. Most kings of the Guo State were high officials of the Western Zhou Dynasty, who helped the king of the Zhou Dynasty to conquer other kingdoms and participated in making important decisions. They played important roles in the rise and development of the Zhou Dynasty.

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