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China's theatre industry enters into blockbuster era

Updated: 2014-12-03 13:49:00

( CCTV.com )

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China’s thriving theater industry is transforming. It is becoming increasingly market-oriented and commercialized.

Sold-out theater productions are increasingly common. But with the rapid development of the China’s theater industry, many insiders worry that there is a lack of quality scripts.

"There is simply too few good scripts. Because I think if there were so many good scripts in this market, then there wouldn't be so many reproductions of the classics," said Tang Ye, director of Beijing People's Art Theatre.

China's theater market has showed signs of following the suit of the movie industry, moving toward commercialization and market operation.

"The Chinese drama industry has entered into the blockbuster era. Whether it is a good thing, well, I think it might be, because it will urge drama groups to have their own style, define target customers and attract investment. However, once the theater industry starts functioning like the movie blockbuster world, there'll be problems, like self-exploration coming to a halt," said Professor Tian Huiqun, from the School of Art and Media of Beijing Normal University.

Industry experts say producing works that can withstand the test of the market is key to this transformation, through which it is creating a sound cultural market environment, improving industry structures and honing the competency of artists.

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