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Evaluation Method for Dandelion Prize

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(December 3rd, 1997)

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 In order to enrich children's life after school, develop children art and culture, the Ministry of Culture sets up Dandelion Prize in China Youth Art Competition. It is the highest prize in national children amateur art and culture field.

Article 2 Dandelion Prize sticks to the direction of serving the people and socialism, the policy of letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend, the principle of using art to promote the theme of socialism and national spirit, advocates diversification in themes, forms and styles, and insists on characteristics of guidance, public participation, kids' favor, entertainment, hence facilitates the prosperity and development of children's culture.

Article 3 Dandelion Prize is held once a year. Each sort of art and culture participate in the evaluation in turn.

Chapter 2 Conditions for Participation

Article 4 Scope for participating works:

(1)  Music (including instrumental and vocal performance), dance (including campus group dance);

(2)  Drama (including skits), andQuyi(including story);

(3)  Painting, calligraphy and photography;

(4)  Children's literatures, Children's books, and Children's papers and magazines;

(5)  Theory on children's culture.

Article 5 The participating works of children's music, dance, drama andQuyishall be excellent works of influence among children. Children's painting, calligraphy, photography, and children literature and academic articles shall have been published in magazines at provincial level or above as well as been read out on national conferences.

Article 6 Literary works are limited to works created by children, and those created wholly for children by workers of children's culture and people from all walks of life.

Chapter 3 Prize Setting and Forms

Article 7 There are Gold, Silver, Copper, Excellence, Yuanding (Instructor) and Organization prizes.

Article 8 All the prize-winning organizations or individuals shall be awarded diploma, certificate, medal (cup) and bonus.

Chapter 4 Evaluation Organization

Article 9 Dandelion Prize sets up Appraisal Committee (AC for short), which is in charge of evaluation work under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture. The committeemen are appointed by the Ministry of Culture once a year.

Article 10 The Committee has one director, one vice director and several committeemen. It has the right to add or cut down prize items according to the participating category in that very year. There are such three evaluation groups in the Committee as experts of culture and art, workers and teachers of children's art and culture, young audience and young readers.

Article 11 The Committee has an Evaluation Office. The Social Culture Department of the Ministry of Culture undertakes the authority and daily organizing work of the Evaluation Office.

Article 12 Members of the Committee shall obey the rules and related disciplines. Those who bend the law for personal gains and are engaged in fraud or violate regulations shall be dismissed. Bribery is forbidden for participating units and individuals; once being found, their qualifications shall be withdrawn.

Chapter 5 Evaluation Procedure and Methods

Article 13 The participating works, including music, dance, opera,Quyi, painting, calligraphy, photography and academic articles, shall be recommended by the cultural bureaus of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and the Cultural Bureau ofXingjiang Production and Construction Group. Excellent works from the Army shall be recommended by the General Political Cultural Department. Works of children's literatures, magazines and books shall be recommended by the publishing departments. All the recommendations shall fill in forms and provide information as evaluation office requests.

Article 14 Those works having been awarded shall not apply for participation again. The participated but not awarded works can apply again with improvement.

Article 15 The detailed steps are as follows:

(1)  Evaluation Office makes the pre-selection and concludes the pre-selected list, units or individuals on the list shall be 30% or 100% more than the prize number.

(2)  Evaluation groups make the primary selection and examine the pre-selected works' videotape, record-tape and display items. With comprehensive discussion, the group shall conduct balance nomination.

(3)  Based on the balance nomination list, the evaluation groups shall evaluate and grade by way of open ballot or secret ballot, then draw a conclusion of primary award list for Gold, Silver and Copper medals according to the total marks made by the three groups.

(4)  The Excellence Prize shall be nominated only after the Committee has a discussion of it.

Article 16 The formal prize-winning list shall be decided by the Committee's vote. In the voting process, the present committeemen are expected to vote; those who have works participating in the evaluation (including instructors) shall not be on the Committee for the very year. Revoting is needed if two units or individuals get the same vote of one prize. After the formal prize-winning list is finalized, the Committee shall vote for Yuanding Prize and Organization Prize abiding by the voting process. Disputes shall be settled by director and vice director

Article 18 All the results shall be reported to the Ministry of Culture for examination and approval.

Chapter 6 Supplementary Rules

Article 19 The Social Culture Department of the Ministry of Culture reserves the right of interpretation.

Article 20 The Method takes effects as of the day of promulgation.

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