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Ashima -- Song and Dance Film of Minority

Updated: 2014-12-02 10:44:30

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Ashima, a song and dance film, draws its materials from a legend of the Yi people in Yunnan Province. Strong in national flavor, the film is legendary and romantic. The film was well received by filmgoers home and abroad.  


A scene fromAshima

The film tells a story of love. A clever and pretty girl Ashima and a young man Ahei love each other deeply. The village's leader has a son Azhi, who admires Ashima and detains her. But Ashima insists her love with Ahei and won't give up to Azhi's power. Azhi proposed a song contest with Ahei but he loses and has to set Ashima free. While the couple is enjoying their success by a river, Azhi uses his power to flood the river and drown Ashima. She later turns into a high statue.

The film was directed by Liu Qiong with the leading actress Yang Lishen. It won the Best Dance Award at the Spanish International Song and Dance Movie Festival in 1982.

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