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Collection of Chinese Folk Instrumental Music

Updated: 2014-12-02 10:02:51

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As Chinese saying goes: "Songs originated from the appearance of human being." "There are many kinds of music in Heaven and Earth." Chinese soli of instrumental music to a larger extent vividly reflects the long history, the diversity, strong local flavors and uniqueness of Chinese folk instrumental music culture. As for the playing of different folk instruments, there are a great many talents all over the country The multiethnic regions are usually famous for the specialty of their ethnic instruments and the specific playing forms, such as lusheng and zhixiaoqu of Sichuan and Hunan; rewapu and dutaer tanchang ofXinjiang; and eagle-bone fluteof Tibet and Qinghai.There is suona horn in Zhongyuan (the central plains), northeast China, and westeast China, which has a long history with rich connotation, simple styles and skillful playing. In southeast China, there are well-known hanyue zhengqu in Guangdong and minnan zhengqu in Fujian.


mong tutti, the popular ones are blowing music with drumbeats, blowing and percussion music, music of gong-and-drum, and sizhu music.

As the old poem lines go: "The wind and drum flute and xiao can attract fairies; while the suona horn can make devils leave." As life is full of happiness and joy, as well as grief and misery, music is one of the fittest music that can make one enjoy life with abandon. The main instruments of this music are suona horn,guanziand flute; the minor ones are percussion instruments.

Among national folk instrumental music culture, wind and drum music is the most widely and longest spread one for it is most closely connected with custom traditions and has the richest humane values and music art values. So far, on most occasions such as festivals, weddings, funerals, celebrating the one-month old of a newborn, birthday celebration, beam placing, this music is widely heard.

Wind music with drumbeats accounts for a large portion in this collection.

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