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Updated: 2014-12-01 14:08:10

( Chinaculture.org )

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First, the business of such combs and comb-making and selling enjoys a kind of extremely special right in ancient and modern Chinese industry.

Second, combs are a symbol of a happy life, and are an essential dowry in ancient China and some countries in the north part of modern China.
However, combs in some nations are a kind of taboo. For example, for Tibetans, a comb must be hidden in a private place. People who wear combs on their hair are considered impolite.

Changzhou Shubi enjoys good reputation

In Changzhou, there are nearly 1,000 special technicians in the comb and fined-toothed comb manufacturing sector, and more than 10,000 assistants. The output of fine-toothed combs is about 1,3 million pieces, while wood combs number nearly 2 million pieces every year. Each year there are several million combs exported throughout the world from Changzhou.

Changzhou combs -- used only by royals in the past -- are now are routinely used in daily life, and are also a national and traditional treasure.


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