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Andy Warhol photos give unique impression of early 80s China

Updated: 2018-06-12 00:05:31

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Street scene with people and bicyles. Photo provided to China Daily

Pop-art icon Andy Warhol’s personal photographs from his trip to Beijing and Hong Kong in 1982 are on display in the United Kingdom for the first time at an exhibition in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

Thirty-five black and white images are shown at the RedHouse Originals Gallery as part of the Trooping the Colour exhibition and “reveal a highly personal side to the artist”.

The photographs taken on a Chinon 35mm point-and-focus compact camera include shots of Warhol’s hotel room, urban landscapes and the iconic Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant in Hong Kong.

Richard McTague, gallery director of RedHouse Originals Gallery,said the pictures will be familiar to today’s Instagram generation.

“The photographs are a rare insight into another side of Warhol which people don’t often see,” McTague said, “It’s really Warhol as a tourist and you can tell from the images how captivated Warhol was by China.”

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