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Tibet names 100-plus successors to intangible cultural heritage

2014-06-15 14:38:00



Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region on June 14 recognized 123 people as successors to the intangible cultural heritage of the region, making them protectors of Tibetan culture.

Those recognized come from the fields of traditional music, dance, opera, painting and medicine. The total number of such successors is now 350, said Ngawang Dainzin, head of the regional protection center for intangible cultural heritage.

The honor boosts the confidence and raises the social status of these 'walking dictionaries' of Tibetan culture, Ngawang Dainzin said. The government provides funds for them to teach apprentices and hold exhibitions.

Tibet has nearly 800 intangible cultural heritage items at all levels. A total of 68 people have been recognized at the national level.

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