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Tibet region focuses on bilingual publications

2014-04-11 09:10:38



More than 2 million volumes of Tibetan books in 300 categories are published annually in the Tibet autonomous region, the regional press and publication bureau said on Thursday.

Over the past year, 5,451 village libraries were built, and 300 boxes of 1,500 Tibetan ancient books donated to 300 monasteries in the region.

"Most Tibetans in the remote areas have difficulties reading in Chinese, we concentrate on increasing Tibetan and bilingual publications to address those needs," said Ma Zhide, deputy director of the region's press and publication bureau.

"In order to ensure Tibetans with low literacy find it easy to understand the publications, we produce books not only bilingually in Tibetan and Chinese, but that are colorfully illustrated."

In 2013, the circulation of Tibetan newspapers in the region reached 28 million, and 400,000 volumes of Tibetan magazines were published.

More than 20 million copies of Tibetan newspapers and 250,000 magazines were distributed freely to Tibetans in remote villages during the year.

Currently, there are four publishing houses within the region that produce publications in Tibetan.

The regional government has attached great importance to Tibetan publications in recent years, according to the regional press and publication bureau.

"The yearly total of Tibetan publications and sales both account for more than 70 percent of all publications and sales in the region."