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Updated: 2014-04-10 14:08


The Beijing Publishing Group,whose predecessor was founded in 1950’s ,is a comprehensive publishing house. During half a century since its establishment, it has published more than 20,000 kinds of books and the total has amounted to 1.5 billion. Besides Beijing Publishing House itself, the Beijing Publishing House Group which was founded in 1999 comprises of eight deitorial departments, eight specialized publishing house and five magzines. The books it mainly published range from philosophy, social science books, academic books,education books, children’s books, foreign language learning books, art books, electronic and audiovisual products. For many years, 2000 kinds of books and periodicals, as well as electronic and audiovisual products are put into market yearly, in which 60 percent are reprinted and 25 percent are awarded. Our group attaches great importance to the international cultrual exchange and forms good cooperative relationships with the publishers in more than 30 countries and areas.

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