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Portrait of the time

2014-05-07 14:43:55

( By Yang Qi


Young Chairman Mao Zedong

Young Premier Zhou Enlai

The exhibition Portrait of the Republic of China (1912-1949) is underway in Taihe Art Gallery in 798 Art Zone in Beijing.

With only using a pencil, artist Xin Wangjun offers viewers over 100 portraits of important people from different fields during this vital time in the country's history, including a young Chairman Mao Zedong, well-known painter Zhang Daqian, famous writer Lu Xun and many other significant figures.

"Xin Wangjun's topic of choosing the Republic of China originates from his own culture standpoint; it can be regarded as a self-cultivating activity. What the portraits extend is not only just the picture itself, but an ordeal experience of the body, eyes and cognition, a process of a complete life rebirth," Li Xianting, contemporary art critic commented at the exhibition's opening ceremony on May 4, which also coincided with Chinese Youth Day.

Jia Tingfeng, curator of the Taihe said, "From these portraits you can see these people's strength of character and spirits."

Time: May 4-31, 2014.
Address:Taihe Art Gallery, B-10, 2nd Courtyard, 798 Art Zone, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-59789856

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