Guilin Comb

Guilin comb was original in the Tang Dynasty, had a history of more than 1000 years, go through Song, yuan, Ming all generation, develop and improve constantly, become traditional leading brand product of Guangxi. Once it was benefit of holding of " combing in the palace ", " famous pen ". Bamboo comb: The bamboo pen of Guilin adopts the Nan bamboo of the local product in the position to make main raw materials, refined and succeeding. It has the characteristics that the comb tooth is pliable and tough, sturdy and duable, elegant in appearance, 808 comb, 608 colored tooth, 708 produce now is spend mountains and rivers comb to look through, is both at home and abroad, always enjoy the benefit of " famous comb " to sell well. Bone comb: Qing Dynasty was developed on the basis of making of the bamboo comb, and in the market in the city. It is different from bamboo comb, its comb roof beam is used ox's bone instead by the blue and green bamboo, and carve the mountains and rivers and birds and flowers personage in Guilin the roof beam, make the bone comb firmer and beautifuller . Angle comb: Ox, sheep's horn comb, develop on the basis of making wooden comb in the Ming Dynasty according to legend, having already reached higher skill by Qing Dynasty, regarded sheep's horn comb as the top particularly, it was transparent and firm, the pattern is gratifying. Box wooden comb: It is refined and succeeding to adopt the famous and precious boxwood. The comb actor is good at selecting materials, Do the comb according the material, make carp comb, bamboo comb, semicircle comb, pig's heart combs, the equality kind to make, attractive designs, simple and unsophisticated and refined, receive the nobility's appreciation as far back as Qing Dynasty, there is benefit that " the comb of palace ".


Editor: Yang Yi