Four Days in Guilin 【2010-07-23】

“Guilin’s scenery is the most beautiful under heaven.” Chinese saying goes like this describing the beauty of Guilin. We enjoyed the stunning natural beauty and the fabulous Li River Cruise, met a number of China’s ethnic minority groups, tasted the wonderful local food, and strolled around its ancient streets.


A Full Day Tour of Guilin 【2010-07-23】

Today I took a full day tour of Guilin. I visited the Seven Star Park, the Reed Flute Cave, the Fubo Hill and the Elephant Hill.


Guilin the City of Terraces and Rivers 【2010-07-23】

Recently, I had the chance to visit one of the most touristic places in China - Guilin. This scenic city is a picturesque place with stunning hills which have even been inked onto the 20 yuan bill.


Longji Rice Terraces 【2010-07-23】

This is a very special place. Sometimes on this earth you are lucky enough to see a vista before you that first takes your breath away and then perpetually enchants you at each turn as it continually changes with every play of the light across the landscape.


The West Street of Yangshuo - A Shopping Paradise 【2010-07-23】

The tourist area is dominated by the West Street, a trendy shopping and dining area with eclectic shops, perfect paving, and no vehicle traffic. My trip of this beautiful town started with Western Street and I spent the whole afternoon and evening there.


Stunning Natural Beauty of Guilin 【2010-07-23】

We arrived early in the morning in Guilin and took a shuttle into town. Guilin's natural beauty is stunning. We took a tour group to Longji, where the mountain rice terraces are located.

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