Rock Climbing in Yangshuo 【2010-07-20】

Yangshuo has about 300 climbing routes.


Trekking in Guilin 【2010-07-20】

Closer to the nature, more you will be enchanted. Trekking may be the best way to return to the nature. The Karst landscape in Guilin region makes the area an ideal place to go on a trek.


Nightlife at the West Street 【2010-07-20】

The West Street is well known as a foreigner's street.


Bamboo Rafting 【2010-07-20】

In Yangshuo Town, taking a bamboo raft ride is an excellent, relaxing way to take in the amazing views of the Li River and Yulong River, and watch the countryside just drift on by.


Impression Sanjie Liu 【2010-07-20】

The Impression Sanjie Liu is an outstanding culture performance directed by Zhang Yimou, who is the Director of Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening ceremony.


Hill Climbing 【2010-07-20】

Climbing the limestone hills in Guilin region is relaxing as the most hills are less than 300 meters high.

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