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Li Yundi launches national tour in Chongqing

2013-08-19 10:26:22




Li’s national tour is entitled "Piano Dream". With a tight schedule taking him to 30 cities over the next 80 days, he aims to bring his music to many second and third-tier cities.

After the concert, local fans scrambled to meet the star and get his autograph. It’s estimated that there are currently 50 million children learning to play the piano in China, and children were a prominent presence in the audience here.

Another audience member said, "I’ve brought my daughter here in the hope that I can ignite her interest towards music. My generation didn’t have opportunities to listen to music like this."

As well as his concert, Li visited a local youth club and his first piano teacher. And as an ambassador of the Chongqing Youth Volunteer Association, he also spoke with children who are currently learning the piano, perhaps inspiring the next big thing in the music world.

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