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Li Yundi launches national tour in Chongqing

2013-08-19 10:26:22




China’s piano prince Li Yundi has returned to his hometown of Chongqing, to launch his national tour. CCTV reporter Song Yaotian had a front row seat at the concert and brings us this report.

Renowned pianist Li Yundi is famous for winning the top prize at the International Chopin Competition at the age of just 18. As the youngest ever winner of the prize people had high-hopes for him, and 13 years later he hasn’t disappointed. Now at the age of 31, he is showcasing to his fellow Chonqingers that he has grown from that young prodigy to a mature maestro.

The concert begins with two of Chopin’s noctures, No.1 in B flat minor and No.2 in E flat, for which he is most famous for, he has even been hailed by the Polish government as the best interpreter in the world of the composer’s work. He continued to demonstrate his skills for far more than Chopin, playing Beethoven’s sonata "Appassionata".

An audience member said, "He dealt with the emotion and power of the tunes in a great way."

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