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By the book in 2013

2014-01-02 14:53:58

( By Han Bingbin, Sun Ye and Mei Jia


By the book in 2013

Five Chapters of Sexology by Jiang Xiaoyuan.[File photo]

Scholar Jiang Xiaoyuan looks into ancient Chinese bedrooms in his latest Five Chapters of Sexology.

The book features 23 articles Jiang wrote over the 30 years he devoted to the study of the cultural history of sex. The articles vary from serious publications in international academic journals to lighthearted columns from fashion magazines.

The writer has searched through folk myths, ancient Chinese classics and western poetry for credible mention of sex-related themes, in an attempt to draw a big picture as of how sex is treated and discussed differently across cultures and in different times. Now a professor of science history, Jiang’s academic background has added to the book’s depth; Jiang’s background as an Astronomy major who now works in science means a refreshing perspective on the sentimental cultural topic.

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