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2013-09-10 14:51:25

(China Daily)


Untold story of Michael Jackson

The late King of Pop Michael Jackson was a legend to most, especially to his fans. However, to a small group of people who used to be his working partners and friends, Jackson was first and foremost a human being. To Frank Cascio, Michael Jackson was his second father, his big brother, boss, mentor and teacher, but mostly his friend. Since the age of 5, Cascio had witnessed the icon reach the summit as the world's greatest entertainer, as well as his traumatization following scandals, lies and false accusations. In 2011 - two years after Jackson's tragic death - Cascio published the book My Friend Michael, to reveal "an ordinary friendship with an extraordinary man". Cascio offers a deeply personal and behind-the-scenes look at the Michael Jackson he knew, with never-before-told stories and 32 pages of never-before-exposed private photos. The book has been translated into Chinese before the 4th anniversary of the icon's death and his 54th birthday. Published by Lijiang Publishing House, the book is translated by Zhang Rui and Yu Xinyao, two of Jackson's hard-core fans as well as key leaders of the singer's Chinese official website.

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