Singapore Science Festival: Sparking children’s scientific dreams

WACCCE 2021-05-18

Science Centre Singapore can never be skipped when we talk about science festival activities in Singapore. In the 1960s, Singapore witnessed rapid industrial development. But technical personnel trained in schools could not satisfy social needs. Neither could public scientific communication at that time provide effective support. To address such problems, Science Center Singapore, the first modern science museum in Asia, was built by the government and opened in 1977, focusing on the scientific education of children and adolescents. With the popularity of the science festival since the 1990s, the Science Center Singapore initiated National Science Month in 2001, which was later renamed Singapore Science Festival in 2010. In 2009, the Singapore Science Center set up the Preschool STEAM Learning Festival, always placing children at the center of after-school scientific education.

National Science Month, the predecessor of the Singapore Science Festival, was co-initiated by the Science Center Singapore and the National Science and Technology Board (renamed the Agency for Science, Technology and Research in 2002), aiming at encouraging young people to maintain their curiosity and inspire a love for learning in the general public.

National Science Month (2001-2009, titled Science.01 to Science.09) had activities in various areas, including biology, physics, astronomy, natural science, science fiction and horticulture, for different groups of people.

Since the great annual event was renamed the Singapore Science Festival in 2010, it has become more interesting. X-periment, the traditional trump card of the event, featuring cutting-edge innovation and a scientific carnival, has been maintained. Activities, such as the Science Buskers Festival, are literary and artistic, allowing "street artists" to create ideas and express their passion for science.

From 2011 to 2019, the Singapore Science Festival was themed "Ask Why Not", "You Can be a Rock Star with Science", "A.I. You Ready", "This is Science" and so on. With 20 years of development, it enjoys a rich history and culture.

By 2020, the Preschool STEAM Science Festival was carved out of the Singapore Science Festival as a separate event and set on Children's Day, encouraging parent-child interaction. The event in 2020 was carried out online.

Singapore's science festival, which is worth learning as today's scientific communication moves towards refinement, has a more specific audience and a more defined target group than other countries.

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