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Mission to redeem

Updated: 2020-04-10 07:34:30


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Blockbusters such as Detective Chinatown 3 are delaying release dates in response to the pandemic. The country's film industry is striving to get back on its feet. The first installment of the Fengshen trilogy is one of the films ready for theatrical release when cinemas reopen.[Photo provided to China Daily]

The administration also says it will enhance support of the creation and promotion of major films, and provide guidelines to local authorities to help their film companies overcome difficulties.

It is also working to enrich content for internet platforms to meet Chinese demand for watching quality films at home.

Industry players are working hard to prepare for the resumption of operation of the country's more than 12,000 cinemas.

Bona Film Group founder and CEO Yu Dong suggests privately owned companies should not lay off employees, pointing out this is very important for the morale of the entire industry.

The group is one of China's largest privately owned film companies and is known for recruiting Hong Kong veterans to direct Chinese mainland action blockbusters, such as Tsui Hark's The Taking of Tiger Mountain and Dante Lam's Operation Mekong.

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